Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez came out swinging on her timeline last night seemingly defensive about the way the media has been covering her lately; she shared a story about the ‘mass shooter’ who was arrested in MD with guns and a list of people he wanted to kill as a way (we think) to shame them.

Is she blaming them for the crazy guy putting her on a list?

Ok, so the guy with the list is indeed scary but using it to shame the media for covering her? Eh …

And we get it, the coverage as of late has not been great, what with her fancy apartment and the shady dealings around her boyfriend being paid in some manner by her campaign but come on.

She’s Alex from the BRONX, doncha know? That means she can say stupid crap like this, duh.

One of our favorites, @AG_Conservative took her apart as only he can in this short mini-thread and all we can say is, damn son.

Yes, reporters are going to let her get away with this because she’s a Democrat, and the ones who do call her out (like us, but we’re not really reporters) will be accused of being heartless, sexist, RACISTS who don’t care about her safety or something.

Trust us, we’ll be the bad guys here (we’re used to it).

Fair point.

AOC is worse than Trump, but the media let her get away with it.

And not just because of her cult, but because they don’t mind it when one of their own shuts them down. They are more than happy to circle the wagons and protect her; if Trump was using some crazy guy who put his name on a list to shame the media they would find a way to claim Trump was threatening THEM.

This is who they are.


Careful, this isn’t a game.


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