As Twitchy readers know, it’s been a hard week for Democratic Socialist Superstar, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. What with her cheering New York City losing tens of thousands of jobs and now reports of some shady AF dealings around her campaign she hasn’t had the best press.

Luke Thompson, a seemingly harmless account with an adorable cat for his avatar, has been an especially uncomfortable thorn in her side, refusing to let her campaign off the hook.


I screwed up. I omitted uncategorized contributions from my total for AOC’s fundraising haul. She had an inordinately large share of her donations fall into this category and her campaign continues to struggle to come into compliance with the FEC — their most recent Request for Additional Information Letter went to the campaign last week. Additionally, the FEC data updated overnight Friday after I’d run my numbers. I should have checked again. My mistake.

But while that slightly changes the motive underlying the payments, it doesn’t change the basic facts. AOC’s campaign wasn’t in debt, but it was scraping by when the decision was made to pay her boyfriend. Does that make it better? No, no it does not. It still makes it a massive conflict of interest. And that’s not something her team has been able to address because they can’t.

So basically the ‘mistakes’ Thompson ‘made’ only make AOC and Saikat look WORSE.

This just gets better and better.

Instead they’ve made two suggestions. First they’ve suggested hiring Roberts was totally appropriate because he was qualified. Color me extremely skeptical. The PAC itself says it hired him on for a two month trial basis. When that trial was up, he was out. Does that sound like somebody who was one of the best in the business? No, no it does not.

Read the entire piece here (you’ll thank us).

They’re going to flip out.



Holy cow.

But AOC is the darling of the Democrats and has already started fighting dirty money in campaigns.

That’s what makes this even more infuriating and hilarious.

She has not exactly been thrilled with this coverage of her campaign and her boyfriend …


@AG_Conservative, like Luke, reminds us of a dog with a bone – neither of them is letting this go anytime soon.

True story.

Ya’ think?

And nothing sells on the Left quite as well as ‘unhinged’.


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