You’d think by now Bill Kristol would have figured out that these sorts of polls never really go the way he wants them to. But you know, if this is his thing then who are we to tell him otherwise, right?

Oh, we’ll make fun of him of course because that’s sort of what we do BUT we would never tell Bill not to post polls like this.

For whatever reason, he thought it was a good idea to ask Twitter if they could replace Trump with a previous president who they would choose AND he included ‘keep Donald Trump’ as an option on the poll.

Guess how things worked out.

Truth be told, we’re surprised this poll is still up so while we’ll make fun of the results we’ll also give him kudos for not deleting it.

Because we’re givers.

Coolidge, YAAAS.

The number of people who voted for Obama is a teensy bit unnerving.

Damn Russians.


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