We know, we know … not ANOTHER piece on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez but she makes is SO EASY. Every time we think she’s figured out that she’s her own worst enemy and should STOP TWEETING for a little while BOOM, we see some other gem on her timeline. And full transparency, the stories that keep surfacing about her campaign seem to be getting to her a little bit; she’s always sorta ‘clapbacky’ on her timeline but the last few days WOWZA.

Here she is talking about how she fights dark money as a way to slam some billboards that have gone up in Times Square about how she hurt New York City by losing tens of thousands of jobs, millions in lost wages, and billions in economic activity.

We’re not sure she should be talking about dark money with what we’ve seen about her campaign funding … just sayin’.

Oh, she’s so edgy and funny.

Not really.

The Hill even covered her ‘responding’ to the billboards.

From The Hill:

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) is hitting back at a critical billboard funded by a conservative group that was displayed in Times Square on Wednesday.

The billboard blames Ocasio-Cortez for Amazon’s decision to back out of its plans to open part of its second headquarters, called HQ2, in Queens.

Hitting back. Alrighty then.

They just can’t help themselves.

Gosh, seems a lot of people are still kinda pissed off about all those jobs lost.

Whoda thunk it?

No, no she does not.

But she REALLY wants people to think she does.


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