In the category of, ‘Tweets blue checks REALLY wish they could take back,’ this doozy from Cory Booker probably leads the pack.

Because, you know, lynching is somehow not illegal ENOUGH already …

So much for waiting for the facts before pushing for legislation, right Spartacus?

Wonder what Cory’s thoughts are on Jussie now.


Dana Loesch really embarrassed him with a very simple and reasonable question about his legislation:


We looked on Cory’s timeline for a response but all we could find were a bunch of retweets of people endorsing him for president. Guess he’s not too worried about pushing a fake hate crime that vilified a huge group of Americans.

Color us not shocked.

Oh, and her tweet triggered some blue check we’ve never heard of …

If we rolled our eyes any further back in our heads we might actually harm ourselves.

Others are on the same thread shaking their sad little fists:

Cory’s law is what Jussie is being charged with?




Is she really blaming Trump for the crazy guy?

Holy crap.

And yet here this person is responding to a tweet that supposedly doesn’t have much power.

Alrighty then.

Check your notes again, chief.

These people … we wonder if it ever gets old being on the wrong side of everything.

We also wonder if any of them can tie their own shoes but that’s another article.


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