This San Franciscan homeowner shared his horrifying story about a MAGA fan sending him threatening letters and egging his house over his ‘Impeach Trump’ sign. He was so scared in fact that he went to the media, but not to the police.

Alrighty then.

From ABC 7 News:

In an exclusive interview, ABC7 News spoke with a San Francisco homeowner who said his home was vandalized and he believes it all started after he put out an “Impeach Trump” sign on his balcony.

The San Francisco resident prefers to remain anonymous but said, “I kind of feel like the eggs had gone too far and I felt violated at that point. My kids live with me and I thought what will he do next? He can throw a rock through my window.”

*cough fake cough*

Here’s the real kicker.

We contacted San Francisco police, and they said they can’t comment or investigate until they have an official report on file.

This homeowner is so afraid he hasn’t even called the police.


Any minute now, Cory Booker will draft legislation making the act of throwing eggs at a home a hate crime.

Not sure we’d call this guy smart but he’s smarter than Jussie Smollett.



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