Nothing to see here, just another example of the gross and obvious bias that we’ve seen in the Leftist media for over a decade. Gotta love how they cover a fake attack on a Leftist versus a real and actual attack on a Conservative THAT WE SAW WITH OUR OWN EYES.

What a bunch of a-holes.

No ‘alleged’ in the headline on Jussie but they use the word ‘alleged’ in the attack on the Conservative student EVEN THOUGH THERE IS VIDEO FOOTAGE OF IT HAPPENING.

Yup, it’s finally happened. The media has driven us to the point of going full capslock. We have officially lost it.

Or is that allegedly lost it?

Bah! *shakes fist*

We’re thinking they asked too much for Newsweek.

But the narrative is king, dude.

Right there in black and white, yup.

We’re not sure they get anything right.

Clearly, it was Trump’s fault because ORANGE MAN BAD.

That would be actual journalism.

True story.


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