Man, we thought Elizabeth Warren was annoying before but WHOA NELLY, this woman is seriously kicking her annoying factor up a notch with some of the garbage and nonsense she’s spewing in her desperation to win the Democratic nod.

Look at this …

Evidence? Huh?

From the Free Beacon:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) agrees with other Democrats who think last year’s Georgia governor’s race was stolen from Democrat Stacey Abrams, saying Saturday it’s what the “evidence seems to suggest.”

Warren supported Abrams in her unsuccessful gubernatorial bid last year against Republican Brian Kemp. After a campaign event at a metro Atlanta high school, Warren said votes that should have gone for Abrams “didn’t get counted.”

Votes didn’t get counted.


If you rolled your eyes as far back in your head as we did, raise your hand.

Guy Benson just needed one word to shut the whole thing down.




There are like 20+ people who want the Democratic nod, the desperation is only getting started.

We see what she did here.

And truly, that’s a burn. Someone get the aloe.

Good times, right?


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