As Twitchy readers know, S.E. Cupp really and truly flipped her lid late Saturday night when basically all of Right-leaning Twitter (Trump supporters and not) called her out for shaming ‘Trumpsters’ for being giddy over the Jussie Smollett hoax. These folks weren’t giddy, they were well and truly vindicated after being accused ONCE AGAIN of a horrible act they didn’t commit by the Left and a media more than happy to push a false narrative as long as it dissed the right people.

S.E. should probably spend some time apologizing today but yeah, that’ll happen.

And nothing helped her case more than Brian Stelter quote-tweeting her … ROFL.

Even after all of this time, Brian hasn’t learned to leave things like this alone. Oh, we get it, he was trying to support S.E. and make some stupid point about how everyone should be upset over Jussie’s lies but he just ended up annoying everyone.

As usual.

And the backfire is glorious.

So much competition.

What he said.

Absolutely true.

But we’re not holding our breath that Brian or any of these other media yahoos will learn a damn thing.


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