So many fake hate crimes, so little time.


Ryan Saavedra put together a thread of fake hate crimes that have been reported during the Trump era and all this editor can say is HOLY CRAP. We suppose it shouldn’t be surprising that the Left is this desperate (and gross) to lie about a hate movement that doesn’t really exist in order to somehow get revenge for Hillary losing but wow.

Even those of us who read this crap every day should find this thread disturbing.

We remember this one.

Always those mean MAGA teens.

Covington Catholic High School students ring any bells?

False reports.

Did not happen.

Fabricated the ENTIRE incident.


She slashed HER OWN FACE to make this lie up.

WTF is wrong with these people?!

Wait, don’t answer that.

Yeah, what we said.

This is bigger than lying. This is about pushing a narrative to hurt an entire group of people, to frame them as someone and something they’re not to promote a narrative that only makes sense if you have your head completely buried up your backside.

If there really was a problem with Trump supporters they wouldn’t have to make up lies.

But we see it happening time and time again and at the end of the day all they end up doing is hurting people who may experience a real hate crime, and nobody will take them seriously.

We should call them the a-holes who cried wolf.


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