There are several people in social media mocking the Left for their ridiculous tweets about the Jussie Smollett story shrieking about hate in America before the facts of the alleged event were actually known. You’d think after what happened with Covington Catholic High School that these people would have figured out to keep their big mouths SHUT until the entire story is out.

But then again, this is the media, celebrities, and politicians of the Leftist persuasion so here we are.

@RedSteeze put together a fairly kick-a*s yet infuriating thread of various blue-check folks’ screenshots saying a whole lotta stupid things about MAGA, Trump, and ‘hate’ in America that we’re thinking they might wish they could take back now.


Anyway, enjoy.

The song is in your head now, right?

Admit it.


At this rate, Trump will be president forever.

Kevin left out the fact that they were riding unicorns …

Oh good, AOC, Waters, Biden, and a bunch of other Democrats took this opportunity to make complete fools of themselves.

Nobody is giving hate a safe harbor, Joe.



Far-right America.

Indeed it is.

What a thread, right? But he did leave one off that we think should be included.

Dangerous lies spewing from the right wing … stay classy, Rashida.

Wait, she’d have to be classy in the first place.

Our bad.


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