With the big news about McCabe’s alleged ‘coup’ breaking this morning, this tweet from Peter Strzok to Lisa Page regarding the ‘insurance policy’ released in 2017 seems even more damning. What was ol’ Andy up to?


An oldie but a goodie, yes?

DAMN these people are dirty.

It really is.

So, does this mean we can take our tinfoil hats off now?


This text was tweeted to Mollie Hemingway after she slammed ‘Mr. Boom Boom’:

Led the FBI with dignity and honor? On what PLANET is anything he did leading with dignity and honor?

From The Atlantic sharing an ‘exclusive adaptation’ from McCabe’s book: (sorry!)

I told him that bureau lawyers had assured me there was no legal issue with Comey coming home on the plane. I decided that he should do so. The existing threat assessment indicated he was still at risk, so he needed a protection detail. Since the members of the protection detail would all be coming home, it made sense to bring everybody back on the same plane they had used to fly out there. It was coming back anyway. The president flew off the handle: That’s not right! I don’t approve of that! That’s wrong! He reiterated his point five or seven times.

I said, I’m sorry that you disagree, sir. But it was my decision, and that’s how I decided. The president said, I want you to look into that! I thought to myself: What am I going to look into? I just told you I made that decision.


True dat.

*Puts tinfoil hat BACK on.*


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