Twitchy made fun of Chuck Schumer earlier for whining about ‘Cocaine’ Mitch McConnell supposedly trying to distract from the ‘fact’ the GOP doesn’t have a plan for climate change by putting the Green New Deal up for a vote. It’s almost like ol’ Chuckles took a page right out of Ed Markey’s book and accused McConnell of sabotaging them … by voting on their bill.

Silly us, that’s what we thought they were SUPPOSED to do but hey, what do WE know?

Dana Perino has a gameplan for Chuck that is so simple … and hilariously he’s too dumb to think of it on his own.


Probably more likely than a no vote … but we can always hope.

So? What else is new?

HA! YES! This is so good. McConnell has owned them all with this strategy which is why Chuck and Ed are throwing little temper tantrums and trying desperately to save some face here.

Ain’t happening though.

They’re ALREADY mad.



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