You guys remember Michael Bromwich, right?

Sorry. Michael ‘R.’ Bromwich.

He’s one of the attorney’s who represented Christine Blasey-Ford …

Yeah, he’s a huge anti-Trump progressive which we knew way back then but if you look at his timeline even now all you see is a bunch of crying, bellyaching, and whining about Trump. Like this poll, for example, he just can’t FATHOM people would believe Trump over Mueller.

Oooh, he’s so confused and flabbergasted he used THREE question marks.

Kimberley Strassel was more than happy to break out the puppets and crayons in order to explain the poll findings to him.

She left out folks who struggle with a poll like this are also raging, unhinged, thin-skinned progressives who live to complain about Trump but we’ll let it slide.

Aww look, Michael made it personal. We’re guessing that means she upset him.

Propagandists like Kimberley.


She finished him.

And considering the news that broke this morning about McCabe … seems Kimberley was onto something here.


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