Socialism sucks.

Who knew?

Oh, wait, we all did.

Except for people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders …

Capitalism rules.

Socialism drools.


From Fox News:

Capitalism is far more popular than socialism, according to a Fox News Poll of registered voters. The poll also finds economic optimism high, and the number wanting help from the government the lowest in years.

The new poll, released Wednesday, asks what message voters want to send to the federal government.  Over half would say “leave me alone.”  About a third would ask Uncle Sam to “lend me a hand.”

The 34 percent saying “lend me a hand” is down from 41 percent last year and 39 percent in 2016.

It looks like socialism is getting even more unpopular.

Wonder if this is what triggered The Socialist Party?

Awww they seem upset.

Poor socialists.

Bless their hearts even.

And if you thought this was funny, check out their reaction to a post about socialism sucking on The Resurgent:

From The Resurgent:

How much easier would it have been for activists to harvest ballots from “mail-in” voters if everyone was automatically registered? Chances are that would mean the activist could just hand a voter a ballot and allow them to fill it out. Part of the absentee and mail-in process verifies an individual is eligible and registered to vote. If everyone over 18 was automatically registered, this step would not be needed.

Just as with most things the far left defines as a “right” they ignore that there is a corresponding responsibility. Registering to vote and understanding the laws that govern it are the most basic information a citizen and voter should be able to understand. If we have to shove someone’s “right” to vote into their lap, maybe they shouldn’t.

They mad.

Real mad.

But socialism has never been tried for real or something.


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