Rep. Ilhan Omar was warning us all about who she was several years before she managed to get herself elected.

As we said, she warned us.

If only people had LISTENED.


Oh well, at least she keeps things interesting or something, yeah?

No. We know.

Ben Shapiro found this gem on her timeline and responded as only he can.


That’s this editor mixing hot sauce and bourbon … but Ben’s tweet works too.

We see what they did here.

It’s still fun here and there.

Austin 3:16 says he just whooped your A*S!

Furry BETO crowd. Fixed it.

We’re thinking Chipotle is more likely but possible.

Gold star for the Hardy gif.


THAT’S it.


All about the BENJAMINS, baby! Pretty sure Rep. Ilhan Omar ain’t exactly sorry for anti-Semitic comments after seeing THIS