Rep. Ilhan Omar is SUPER DUPER sorry for her anti-Semitic comments, y’all. In her own words she is, ‘unequivocally sorry’ …

Which is probably why she’s turning to her anti-Semitic supporters to raise a whole lotta BENJAMINS.

Gotta love the hypocrisy on the Left. Ok, not really.

Won’t be silenced.


That’s an interesting reaction to Omar being called out for anti-Semitic comments and behavior. And who exactly is ‘we’?

Democrats, you guys have a serious problem here.

Certainly seems that way.

Remember, the Left does love to PROJECT so when they’re accusing the other side of doing certain things, odds are they are doing those same things.


We’re not sure we’ve ever seen someone more apologetic than Ilhan.

The victim is strong here.

This is actually a great point. Every time she opens her mouth she not only does more damage to herself but to the Democratic Party as well.

Hell, get this woman a bigger microphone.