Whoever at ThinkProgress thought this crap story was a good idea seriously needs to have their heads examined. We get it, ThinkProgress itself is an oxymoron but THIS is not only a dumb take, but it’s seriously offensive on many levels.

Telling American Jews they must stand with a woman who has openly attacked them? Yeah, that’s not happening guys.

From ThinkProgress:

While doing little to temper the anti-Semitism within their own party, GOP leaders came out hard against Omar. As a working class, black Muslim woman and as the first refugee in Congress who threatens the 1 percent and the status quo, Omar served as the perfect distraction from the GOP’s own harmful policies. And if the Democratic leadership wanted to prove AIPAC has disproportionate influence in Congress, they couldn’t have done a better job than by issuing a joint statement about a single bad tweet.

Omar is the kind of leader America — and the American Jewish community — needs in this historical moment, as we combat the rise of fascism. She’s fighting back against Islamophobia, racism, misogyny, and the power of the right-wing Jewish lobby. Progressive Jews need to stand with her against those attacks.

Look at how they try to flip this on the Right.

Typical and infuriating.

It’s really bad.

Psh, you’d think.

Never write and drink.

Man, ThinkProgress, you guys write some stupid crap but this here is some of the stupidest crap we’ve seen from you.

Maybe ever.

Way to go!


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