How dare Chris Pratt be proud of his faith, right? Seriously, just who the heck does he think he is?! Doesn’t he know he has to answer to a bunch of screeching harpies for not being ashamed of his beliefs?

The nerve.

And speaking of someone who has a lot of nerve …

Get ’em, Dave.

Yeah, Queerty, let us know when you get around to calling out the actual faith that you know, inspires the killing of gay people in the Middle East.

Cowards indeed.

It reminds this editor of feminists shaking their fists about a mythical wage gap while ignoring the very real atrocities and literal sexism women face in the middle east. Their outrage is limited to what is easy and safe to criticize.

Like Chris Pratt’s faith.

True. We’d be surprised if this even made his radar but still.

It is how the Left functions. Yup.



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