If we needed another reminder that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is not really a Democrat but a Socialist we need look no further than this tweet from Steven Rattner. Never heard of him? We hadn’t either so we did a little Google and whaddya know, Steven was on Obama’s auto task force and was an economic adviser of sorts.


So we’re thinking it’s safe to say Steven is a Democrat and even he seems to think AOC isn’t the brightest crayon in the box.

Let us reiterate here, this guy worked for Obama.


And as usual, the AOC zealots are jumping in front of their lady fair; wonder if these same people were Obama zombies as well? Life is funny, right?

Dude. He’s an Obama guy.

Snowflakekitty sure put Steve in his place, right?


They really don’t get it.

Sorry, the Left CREATED her.

Have fun.


Federal taxes …

You know what, we can’t even.


And once again, we are reminded how AOC got elected.


This is called cutting your own nose off to spite your face or something, right?


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