Oh good, Alyssa Milano chimed in on Trump declaring a National Emergency along the southern border … said no one, literally ever.

And yes, this editor will literally use the word literally as much as she literally wants to. So there!

In the meantime, look at this nonsense.

*eye roll*

Hey, Alyssa.

The ‘weird wall’ is not just something Trump wants, it’s what a large portion of this country wants. We realize that this doesn’t compute in that noggin of yours but at the end of the day, he’s considering the National Emergency because his supporters and voters want it.

That’s how it’s supposed to work.



Sharyl Attkisson had an even better retort:



Too much too soon.

A fair point. If your argument against Trump’s National Emergency is that Democrats will do it now, they would probably do it anyway.

And they have.

So you’d think Alyssa would be AOK with it. Heh.


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