After news started breaking about the two suspects in the Jussie Smollett case yesterday, people understandably started questioning the legitimacy of Jussie’s story. Chadwick Moore asked Twitter to come up with some of their own headlines for leftwing think-pieces *IF* it does indeed turn out to be staged or a hoax.

Or both.

‘Trump’s Racist America Breaks Young, Gay, Black Star: His Pain is REAL’

Something like that?

Well yeah, this works too.

That’s basically any story the Left puts out there … oh wait, we see what he did here.

Ivanka Trump though, right?


Maybe they’ll blame red meat.

We’re already seeing rumblings like this.

Duh, people.

DON’T give them any ideas!

Well damn, that’s sorta wordy but yeah, it works.

Now we’re wondering if Jon has actually written for a left-wing rag now. Ha!


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