Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez certainly seems to be doing a whole lot of damage control around Amazon since she was cheering the loss of thousands of jobs for New York City. Yeah, that seems like a strange thing for an elected official to cheer, considering the small tax break Amazon requested would have produced FAR MORE in state income tax for the thousands of New Yorkers who worked there but it is AOC we’re talking about here so … eh.

Oh, so it’s a union thing.

Not a tax thing?

Someone is moving the goalposts …

Chad Felix Greene responded:


Unions protect employees who do not perform as well and a company like Amazon can’t afford that BS. Not to mention unions are freakin’ vultures who rob from employees to line their own pockets while pretending they actually care about them.

But we digress.

AOC decided to quote-tweet Chad, which was her way of setting him up for a world of hurt, aka targeted harassment. She had to know that tweeting him in this way to her millions of followers would only get him attacked since she’s super Twitter savvy and stuff.

So basically she makes it look like Chad wants workers to be in a bad environment … classy, right?

Then she tweeted this.

Come at you? ROFL!

What is this, high school?

REMEMBER, this is an elected official behaving this way.

And you guys, you should SEE Chad’s timeline.

Holy crap.

Dude’s name is ‘LeftistCannibal.’

We don’t wanna know.

That’s what they always do, they argue against a point you didn’t even make because they can’t argue the actual point.

True story.

Sums it up … but there is a whole lot more.

We told you, this is nuts.

Chad really should feel upset since a person calling themselves, ‘fat wave’ thinks he’s scum.

Who are these people?


Lot’s of stupid AND angry on Chad’s timeline but this guy takes the cake.

This tweep seems angry.

We could probably say the same back to him … doncha think?

Rack what?

Man, Twitter will give any Trump-hating idjit a blue check.

‘All hatey’ is their normal, natural state.

Don’t try to understand it.


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