Wait, Jewish leaders aren’t sure Rep. Ilhan Omar was being sincere with her ‘unequivocally apologetic’ apology from the other day? Gosh, wonder why? She seemed so sincere and stuff.


From the Washington Examiner:

Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., has failed to quell concerns among Jewish leaders and groups both nationally and in her district that she has learned from her recent controversial comments many viewed as anti-Semitic.

Jewish leaders told the Washington Examiner that they view her apology as insufficient and fear that she is unrepentant.

“I believe that the pattern we have seen is an indication of her attitude on the subject rather than ignorance,” said Minnesota State Sen. Ron Latz, a Democrat, who is Jewish.

It is ABSOLUTELY a pattern.


Many of the Jewish leaders and groups contacted by the Washington Examiner questioned Omar’s ability to serve on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The Jewish Community Relations Council of Minnesota and the Dakotas, who said they “are in touch” with Omar’s office about her most recent comments, released a statement Monday saying “such rhetoric puts our community in danger, should have no place in our politics, and undermines efforts to achieve Middle East peace.”

“I think she’ll have trouble seeing both sides of the issues in the Middle East,” said Latz.

She already has had trouble seeing both sides.


And now Omar is fundraising off the whole incident, but you know, she’s SORRY.


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