We haven’t written about Sally Kohn in a while (you’re welcome), but truth be told, if this editor had to look at one more tweet to, from, or about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez today she was going to throw her computer out the damn window.

We get it, AOC is a treasure trove of twittery BUT OMG, calling uncle today.

Besides, these tweets from Sally lecturing Trump about having a temper tantrum are something else.

Nothing says fail like lecturing Trump about not throwing a temper tantrum when he doesn’t ‘get his way’ and then tweeting something like this.

Pretty sure she’s the LAST person who should be lecturing anyone about temper tantrums.


Like we said, we haven’t been writing about her as much …

What’s next? Will Sally make a joke about Trump’s mama?

Excellent advice for everyone on the Left.


Editor’s note: When your father-in-law calls and asks how you could have missed Sally’s tweets you know you’ve gotta start paying better attention. Ha! *waves*


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