Leave it to Senator Chris Murphy to think the best way to talk to people about Trump declaring a National Emergency at the border is by threatening their Second Amendment rights. What was he THINKING?!

So you gun owners better not let Trump do this whole National Emergency at the border thing OR ELSE.

What a schmuck.

Like super schmuck.

No wait, the biggest schmucks around would take a look at Chris and say, ‘Damn, that dude is a schmuck.’

It would be nice if Chris wasn’t a schmuck but we repeat ourselves.

Yeah, it’ll be FUN.


When your definition is any gun that goes, ‘pew pew pew’ as well.

Democrats, right?

Because Chris would much rather use their deaths as a means to play politics than actually do something to help people. It’s a game, clearly.

Even some Democrats are calling him out for this take:

Crazy right?

Reality only confuses Chris.



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