Rep. Ilhan Omar has had one heck of a week.

And by a heck of a week, we mean one dumpster fire after another.

You’d think when David ‘KKK’ Duke and Louis ‘known anti-Semite’ Farrakhan are praising you, you MIGHT think twice about some of the crap you’re spewing but what do we know, right?

Look at this crap.

Because OF COURSE, he does.

Wonder if Ilhan will add this to her resume? David Duke is a fan …



Hey, way to go Ilhan. (yikes)

Yeah, the Left has not handled this well. Or they are simply showing us who they really are for a change.

True story.

Democrats invented the Klan after all.


We feel like we write that a lot these days but seriously, wow.

Like we said, a heck of a week.


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