We cover James Woods a good deal here on Twitchy.

He honestly makes our jobs easier because every day there is some Twitter treasure on his timeline just waiting for one of us to snap it up and write about it. From news stories about Hillary Clinton to memes of House Democrat women all wearing white, there is always something there.

But full transparency, this may be our favorite James tweet ever.

Don’t be bullied.

Damn right.

Oh, and the hare-brained liberals portion of his tweet is pretty damn good too.

And if you want to know if James’ tweet was successful or not, take a gander at the people on his thread screeching at him for DARING to say we should call a single female ‘she’ and a single male ‘he’.


Or how about we stop playing the label game and just stick to reality?

Crazy talk, we know.

This sounds complicated but ok.


Oof, she says.

And ok.

Although to be fair we don’t think that’s the point James was making and was instead addressing the idea that some people feign outrage when they’re not called ze, or zhe, or a unicorn or whatever happy horse crap they’re pushing these days.



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