The media are hard at work helping the Left pretend the Republican’s tax cuts were actually a bad thing because people are getting smaller refunds this year. Of course, they leave out the part about how people paid in LESS last year so duh, their returns may be smaller but we digress.

Kimberley Strassel called out the Washington Post for their ridiculous story about ‘millions of Americans’ getting a smaller refund. Talk about a melodramatic dumpster fire of a narrative.

From the Washington Post:

The average tax refund check is down 8 percent ($170) this year compared to last, the IRS reported Friday, and the number of people receiving a refund so far has dropped by almost a quarter.

An IRS spokesman cautioned not to read too much into early data because it reflects only returns processed through Feb. 1, and the partial government shutdown caused delays in processing filings.

Early data can shift a lot, tax experts say, but there’s a reason to believe frustrations could rise as more Americans complete their tax returns. The Government Accountability Office warned last summer that the number of tax filers who receive refunds was likely to drop for the 2018 tax year, while the number of filers who owe money would rise.

Aww, and they blamed the shutdown as well.


This was crap even for WaPo.

Because the media know many Americans don’t really understand their taxes, and that far too many of them think a tax refund is a gift from the government instead of their own money.

Orange man bad.

That’s how.

Couldn’t have said it better ourselves.


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