As Twitchy readers know, Rep. Ilhan Omar didn’t have such a great start to her week, what with being called out for her anti-Semitic comments, tweets, and behavior. Even Democrats like Nancy Pelosi told her to knock it off, although there were no real repercussions for her comments.

Eventually, Omar did apologize … sorta, and by sorta we mean not really but the words, ‘I unequivocally apologize’ were included.

Thinking she probably should have stopped AFTER the word, ‘apologize’.

Anyone else finding this apology a little on the non-apologetic side?

Well, besides Brit Hume.

Quiet you with all your First Amendment facts! Talk about Constitutional Privilege!

And we’re willing to bet she is NOT in the least bit aware of this fact.


Sure she will.

It really wasn’t.

Democrats usually have a big ol’ BUT in the middle of their apologies.

And in other places.

True story.


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