OMG Y’ALL! Bloomingdale’s actually had this super-evil t-shirt on display in one of their stores and WE ARE SO LUCKY a journalist spotted it and raised a stink because you know, we can’t allow people to buy shirts with certain things written on them or something.

Seriously, who thinks like this.

Well, apparently Allison Kaden does.


For the love of all that’s HOLY won’t someone PLEASE think of the journalists?!

Bloomingdale’s of course totally caved because everything is stupid.

It’s. A. T-shirt.

And these people wonder why we make fun of them?

Right? Journo power and stuff!

Umm … about that customer?

Oh, honey.

Steeze had plenty of proof to back up his tweet.

Oh good, Keith Olbermann commented … said no one, ever.

She wouldn’t give up though (did we mention she is also a journo?):

Alrighty then.

Ooh, we know we know!

Journalism 101, dude.

But headlines are the best part of any story.


Nobody will get the chance now.

Thanks, Allison.



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