So we’re thinking ‘Republicans POUNCE’ wasn’t quite snide enough for our good, dear, friends at POLITICO. They had to take their ridiculous reporting to a whole new level of stupid …

Competition is fierce out there!

A new trio of Democratic villains?!


Sounds like a really crappy Disney movie. And let’s be honest, these women have proven themselves to be an issue, but not for Republicans. Sure, the Right is understandably concerned about the anti-Semitism flowing from two of them, and the ridiculous ideas of She Guevara BUT they’re not villains to the Right. Outside of Ralph Northam they are the gift that keeps on giving to the GOP so technically they’d be more of an issue for the Democrats.

But whatever helps POLITICO sleep at night.


Take a look at the thread:


Villains to white men.


Every time we wonder how the heck these chicks got elected we see a comment like this and it all makes sense.


We’ve said it once, we’ve said it twice … and we’ll say it again. This is gonna be FUN.


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