President Trump shared some feedback on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Green New Deal and honestly, while it’s pretty damn funny he’s actually pretty damn right as well. Anyone who has looked at that dumpster fire knows he’s right …

Perhaps he was as opposed to the idea of peeing in jugs to make coffee as we were … or maybe it was the section on how we need to punish cows for farting or whatever they wrote that he found to be the silliest.

There is just so much to laugh at in that ‘deal’.

C’mon, even Lefties have to admit it’s ri-damn-diculous.


Seems Trump’s comments crossed AOC’s timeline and it also seems like she took his comments personally.

Well, she sure showed him.

*eye roll*

She might as well have said something mean about his mama.

That’s an insult to fifth graders.

What her reply proves is that she’s EXACTLY like Trump on Twitter which is something this editor started pointing out even before AOC was in office. She is the Left’s Trump.

And the way she reacted to even a tiny bit of criticism from him proves it.


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