One of the original and most vocal members of #NeverTrump, Erick Erickson, announced his intentions as far as Trump is concerned in 2020 and you could say it made a big impression on Twitter.

From TheResurgent:

This week in 2016, I declared I would be “Never Trump.” A friend suggested I use a hashtag that had started circulating on Twitter, i.e #NeverTrump. The piece exploded and pushed me into a whirlwind of coverage. Despite lots of pressure, protestors literally on my front porch, and harassment directed towards my family, I did not vote for Donald Trump in 2016. I voted third party.

Some of my concerns about President Trump remain. I still struggle on the character issue and I understand Christian friends who would rather sit it out than get involved. But I also recognize that we cannot have the Trump Administration policies without President Trump and there is much to like.

Cue the shrieking.

My friends in the center-right coalition who are flirting with Democrats are, more often than not, not really socially conservative. But I am. That party offers me no home and is deeply hostile to people of faith. The President has shown himself to not share my faith convictions any more than the other side, but the President has shown he is willing to defend my faith convictions and is supportive of them.

We all know who Erick is talking about.

I could stay home or vote third party as I did in 2016. But what will that get me? The ability to say “not my problem” or the self-assurance that I didn’t get dirty in having to choose? I have many Christian friends who, when I have discussed this, tell me I should just stay home and turn my back. Both parties, they tell me, are profoundly corrupt. And they’re right. But I am not looking for a messiah in politics and don’t have some religious sentiment tied to my vote. While I understand and accept the sincere conviction of some of my friends who have decided they will just sit out the process, I have decided otherwise. In 2016, we knew who the Democrats were and were not sure of who Donald Trump was. Now we know both and I prefer this President to the alternative.

I will vote for Donald Trump and Mike Pence. And, to be clear, it will not be just because of what the other side offers, but also because of what the Trump-Pence team has done. They’ve earned my vote.

Let the freak out begin.

Would someone please get Chris a tissue? Awesome.

Erick had to know the pushback would be fierce and yet he still publicly put his support behind Trump.

That’s pretty ballsy if you ask this editor.

Just look at this mess:

Gotta love the scolds.

Squiggy was way more entertaining … true story.

So predictable.

That being said, his announcement wasn’t only met with negative responses:

But there is a lot of b*tching, crying, and moaning on his thread so … thinking he did the right thing.

We shall see.


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