For YEARS NOW, much of the Right has been working overtime to get rid of the notion that the party as a whole is strictly anti-LGBTQ. Sure, there are socially-conservative pockets who do not necessarily agree with LGBTQ’s lifestyles but it’s pretty rare where we see someone making a blatant, negative comment about someone’s sexuality like this one.

What the absolute EFF?! C’mon man … this gives the Left exactly what they want.

‘LOOK, GAY PEOPLE, we told you, the Right hates you! Vote for us!’

Carol Roth did an exceptional job of taking this tweet apart:

Seriously. There are far scarier things about Cory Booker than who he sleeps with.

Ohhh that’s right … see, even this editor had forgotten that tidbit and she writes about this stuff every day.


There are literally DOZENS of other reasons not to vote for him.

Bryan, don’t be that GUY.


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