Maybe Marianna Sotomayor missed it, but there were three women who ran for president in 2016. Granted, she probably only cared about ONE of them but c’mon … this is bad, especially for someone who says they cover politics professionally in their bio.

Guess these folks only care when it’s a bunch of women running as Democrats?

Sara Gonzales nailed it.

NBC though. Need we say more?

Fair question.


That would be more than one, yup.


Whoa, we forgot about 2012.


Awwww media, don’t ever change.


But the Left LOVES taxes! Media quick to push #GOPTaxScam stories because readers are too dumb to understand their TAXES

Bill Nye the abortion guy? Bill Nye’s smug insults about anyone who believes life begins at conception are INFURIATING (watch)

Just WOW! Valerie Jarrett’s tweet encouraging Rep. Ilhan Omar after she slammed a Jewish rep. has NOT aged well