Rep. Ilhan Omar has been tweeting pretty horrible things for a while now and getting a pass because she’s a Democrat. And of course, if Conservatives question or call her out they’re POUNCING or SEIZING …

Rep. Lee Zeldin was fair in sharing his concerns about Omar being placed on the House Foreign Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations mainly because of her history of anti-Semitic claims and behavior. Instead of addressing his concerns, Omar made it about how he’s a bully against Muslim women. After we saw her accuse AIPAC of buying Republicans yesterday this tweet appears to be even more damning than we originally thought.

Don’t mind him.


Maybe he was right to be concerned, just spitballin’. But look at who has Omar’s back:

Raise your hand if you’re not surprised.

Super classy, Valerie.

Aww, girl power and stuff.

Democrats would be stupid not to primary her at this point. These exciting new progressives they elected will cost them the election in 2020 …

Like clockwork.

Wonder if Valerie will pull this down anytime soon?


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