As Twitchy reported, Rep. Ilhan Omar once again tweeted something blatantly anti-Semitic and hateful, implying that the GOP/AIPAC is being ‘bought off’ by the Jews. Yesterday, we also reported on a thread @AG_Conservative wrote about Rep. Rashida Tlaib and her anti-Semitic behavior and comments.

Now he’s put together an equally terrifying thread on Ilhan …

House Democrats seem to have a fairly serious issue with anti-Semitism.

We’re not sure that’s really an apology but ok.

Democrats suuuuure can pick ’em. All in the name of diversity!

Really, Minnesota? You voted for this woman?


You are the company you keep or something.

AFTER being elected.



Seeing a pattern here.

It’s all a PLOT!

By the Jews … or Republicans?

This woman is nutty. Seriously.

When you look at Ilhan’s history this way all we can really say is YIKES!


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