It is sadly indicative of how misinformed or uninformed many people on the Left are about their taxes. And of course, the media are more than happy to push stories about how all of these poor people who expected big refunds won’t get as big of a refund this year because of the EVIL GOP TAX CUTS.

They really don’t seem to understand that the government isn’t giving them money, they’re just giving them back their OWN MONEY that was loaned to them without the person paying taxes receiving any interest. It’s better to keep more of your own money paycheck-to-paycheck than to front the government an interest-free loan BUT the media isn’t talking about that.

No no, they’re pushing the idea of the #GOPTaxScam.


From WaPo:

People have already taken to social media, using the hashtag #GOPTaxScam, to vent their anger. Many blame President Trump and the Republicans for shrinking refunds. Some on Twitter even said they wouldn’t vote for Trump again after seeing their refunds slashed.

The uproar follows the passage of a major overhaul to the tax code in December 2017, which was enacted with only Republican votes and is considered the biggest legislative achievement of Trump’s first year. While the vast majority of Americans received a tax cut in 2018, refunds are a different matter. Some refunds have decreased because of changes in the law, such as a new limit on property and local income tax deductions, and some have decreased because of how the IRS has altered withholding in paychecks.

People. Which people? You mean the people who get tax refunds who don’t actually pay anything in? Like they would vote for Trump anyway … *eye roll*

We love how they point out it’s Republicans so their vapid base will continue to think the tax cuts only benefitted rich people. The article fails to point out that if the government is taking less of your money to begin with your refund will be smaller.

Math. What is it? How does it work?

CNN had to get in on the action as well.


They don’t get it.

The media and Democrats know their base doesn’t really understand where their ‘refund’ comes from every year, so they’ll push the notion that Trump raised their taxes versus the reality of the government taking less from them during the year which meant more money in their pockets to begin with.

Tell the WHOLE story, media, or shush.

Not when they actually have to pay them TOO.



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