As Twitchy reported earlier, Kamala Harris was being all hip and cool by admitting she smoked weed in college … except her math didn’t add up. Which of course can happen if you smoke too much weed but ultimately it just came off as another big ol’ lie and an attempt to pander to millennial voters.

Womp womp.

Nothing says you’re trying too hard like bragging and lying about smoking weed.

Awww, man, we miss Senator Orrin Hatch.

My girl wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the tiiiiime.

Great Scott!

Something like that.

And per usual, Ben commenting on Kamala’s snafu brought out the angry and dense:

Ooh, he dropped a bro.

Super tough.

Some of the most unoriginal insults we’ve seen in a while.

Luckily Ben only responded to one …

Super hip.

That account is exactly who Kamala is pandering to, and she’s mad at Ben for pointing it out.

Never change, Twitter.


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