What a couple of weeks it’s been for Democrats.

Wait, let’s try that again.

What a horrible couple of weeks it’s been for Democrats. Between supporting infanticide, being caught wearing all sorts of blackface, allegations of sexual assault, and that WHOPPER of a disaster, the Green New Deal, they’ve taken any sort of momentum they may have had after the shutdown and flushed it.

Not to mention Trump actually did a pretty damn good job during his SOTU.

Take a gander at this 2020 General Election poll.


Trump is at +1 and +4.


They can’t NOT be crazy. It’s sort of their only constant.

Well, that and hating Trump.

Fair. Once Biden officially jumps in she’ll disappear.

Also fair. Historically, when one party takes the White House, the other party takes control of Congress.

Not so this time around.

We can believe it. They so DESPERATELY want the AOC blessing because her fans are literal zombies who will do what she says and if she says, ‘VOTE FOR THIS PERSON’ they won’t even question it.

That and they’re trying to look all hip and connected to the people, man.


Thank goodness.


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