Have we mentioned how much fun it’s going to be watching Democrats eat one another during their primary? For the past two years, they’ve all been able to agree that ORANGE MAN BAD, so it’s been friendly and all for one and one for all.

But now that they all want to be in power (which is ultimately always their main goal) we’re going to see some catfights like we’ve never seen before and it’s going to be GLORIOUS.

Seriously, it’s already starting. Look at how they’re all basically tweeting the SAME THING so they can play the AOC card in order to appeal to the socialist Democrat’s insane base for votes.

This was pretty damn pathetic, even for a Dem like Cory Booker. Or Elizabeth Warren. Or Kamala Harris. Or Kirsten Gillibrand.

Holy crap.


Brit Hume had a zinger …

It really is.

And it’s only going to get MORE crowded.

The Green New Deal is a disaster and that these yahoos are willing to cosponsor and support it tells you how desperate they are to win the nod.

Did we mention this is pathetic?

True story.

Not sure we could have said this better ourselves.


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