And these are the days of Justin Fairfax’s life …

Yesterday, Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax claimed Gov. Ralph Northam may have leaked the sexual assault claims against him, and now it seems he is walking that back and implying it could be someone else who is out to get him.

Or something.

It’s all a PLOT!

So let’s see if we can sum things up because this has gone off the rails. First, Kathy Tran introduces an abortion bill in Virginia that is so vile even pro-choice activists call her out. Then, Gov. Ralph Northam goes on the radio and supports the bill and talks nonchalantly about a mother deciding to abort a baby after it has been born. Fast forward a bit and a yearbook shows up with Northam allegedly wearing blackface OR standing in a KKK robe. Northam apologizes for the photo and then when even Democrats call for him to resign he changes his tune and holds some weird presser where her almost does the moonwalk. *breathes* Moving forward some more, sexual assault claims against Justin Fairfax appear and he claims it’s a nothingburger because WaPo didn’t cover the story because of red flags and inconsistencies and WaPo calls him out and says that’s not true.

*breathes again*

THEN Fairfax claims Northam is to blame for the sexual assault claims coming out … and now we have him blaming the mayor of Richmond who might run against him in 2021.

Shew, this editor is exhausted just WRITING this all out.

Have we mentioned everything is stupid?

This has been a wacky few days in Virginia, and that’s no lie.

Hold on to your popcorn.


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