We’ve spent a good amount of time today writing about the Super Bowl and have even focused on the sad ads from this year (except you BK, we still love you), but none were quite as sanctimonious as this nugget from The Washington Post.


Oh, WaPo. Really?

Is this where we make a joke about how they should learn to code or is that some sort of white privilege now? Twitchy privilege? We can’t keep all of these microaggressions straight.

$5 million for that ad.

And they wonder why we make fun of them.

You know all they really have to do is start reporting the news again … it doesn’t take Tom Hanks or pretty imagery, or sad photos of journos who have lost their lives covering the news. Maybe dump the narrative, and the agenda, and work hard to regain people’s trust.

And save the millions so you don’t have to learn to code.

Just sayin’.

Yes. Yes it was.


And Bret Baier, who incidentally we adore.

But we digress.





Just when we think we’ve reached peak media …


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