Delegate Kathy Tran was quick to jump on the bandwagon of Democrats calling for Ralph Northam to resign after his yearbook surfaced with a photo of him in either blackface or wearing a KKK hood that he is now trying to claim wasn’t him even though he apologized originally and admitted he did wear blackface once but it was for a Michael Jackson thing and totally different.

Or something.

Wonder if he feels like she’s the ultimate traitor after he came out in support of her vile, despicable abortion bill that would allow a mother to abort her newly born child.

She is deeply offended that he might have worn blackface. That whole killing newly born babies thing though, she’s totes cool with that.

Democrats are awful.

And completely tone-deaf:




We’re sensing a theme here, Kathy.

*adjusts tinfoil hat* Hey, man, anything is possible these days.

Kathy was probably hoping this would distract from her terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad week but nope.

And speaking of her crappy week, it seems Kathy couldn’t even stand to meet her constituents face-to-face:


And then tosses ally under the bus in hopes of saving her own skin.



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