Oh good. Planned Parenthood’s action group (which just so happens to have this editor blocked like 99% of the other Planned Parenthood accounts) came out to defend Kathy Tran and attempt some damage control where Ralph Northam is concerned.

Guess they’re worried the politicians they’ve bought and paid for over the years might be losing some popularity after this despicable attempt to allow abortion DURING labor for certain babies.

Our pro-abort friends wrote an entire thread on this in fact:

Well now, it seems their, ‘But Trump’ argument is front and center.

And really, did they say callous and deliberate misrepresentation?

We heard Tran say these things, neither Trump nor Pence made anything up.

Oh, ok, let’s have the baby killers who give politicians like Northam and Tran bunches of money to push these sorts of bills set the record straight.


Doncha love it when they exploit a woman’s pain for their agenda?


Women who want to abort a child while they are being born should be shamed.


They really think like this.

Trump didn’t suggest it, Tran did.

Awww, look at them posting an article from NY Magazine, like that’s a real source.

Funny how they call the people who are outraged over this bill the extremists.

And not funny ha ha.

And as you might have guessed, this thread didn’t go over so hot.


If they were trying to make Tran and Northam look WORSE they succeeded.


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