The new talking point on the Left when it comes to pretending we don’t actually need more security along the border is to claim a wall or barrier wouldn’t work. That a wall is medieval, or even racist (don’t make that face, we’re mocking these people), and that anyone who supports any sort of steel structure along our southern border is just super dumb and mean.

Or something.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw explained quite simply how and why a border wall/barrier does work – he even used small words so anyone could understand.

The only thing that would have made this better is if he’d started drawing pictures for the anti-security folks.

Right?! There is no place for logic in 2019 politics.


Maybe we should just skip all of this and build a giant moat filled with sharks with freakin’ laser beams on their heads.

Hrm, and then again maybe this editor should lay off the caffeine this morning.

Fair and many people on Dan’s thread are asking if we can do both.

The point though we think Dan is making is for those who say the wall won’t work, not that he’s justifying why ONLY a wall will work. If you’ve seen Crenshaw speak on border security you know very well the Representative supports a comprehensive security plan that includes the barrier and much more.

Ok, we’re convinced.

Both it is!



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