As Twitchy reported earlier (honestly, we’ve reported on this a couple of times), Ian Millhiser has his underwear all sorts of bunched up over the possibility that Howard Schulz could run for president as an Independent in 2020.

His timeline is a treasure trove of twittery, tweets calling for people to boycott Starbucks, asking people to harass Schulz in public, and of course, this gem where he’s bragging about taxing Shulz into the middle class:

Dude clearly needs more fiber in his diet or something.

Ben Shapiro called him out:

And at the end of the day, isn’t that all socialism really is? Someone being envious and angry about another’s success and trying to take it from them through any means necessary, even if that’s the government?

Poor lil feller. Twitter is hard.

Take that, Howard!


Color us not shocked.

And there it is, a key point of the Democrat’s agenda.

Good times.


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