Matt Walsh might be onto something here.

If we start calling the unborn ‘undocumented infants’ then MAYBE Dems will actually start caring about protecting their lives. Hey, it could happen. And it seems people agree with Matt because his tag is trending in a big way …

Dems love crying about undocumented children.

Tellin’ you guys, this is something we should consider. With the Left, it’s always about the message and the marketing.

#UndocumentedInfants, we dig it.

See what we mean?

So much bingo.

The border of birth.

Is this a vagina joke?

OK FINE, but you know you were thinking it.

Won’t someone please think of the children?!

Ooh, #Dreamers.



Raise your hand if you love it when we can use the Left’s talking points against them.

Damn right it is.


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