We’re only about a month into 2019, and Democrats have already started to show their real and true colors. Between shutting the government down for 35 days to keep our southern border unsecured to pushing abortion bills that would allow a child that is being born (or that has been recently born) to be aborted, they are really doing a horrible job of not being disgusting and vile.

Michelle Malkin actually summed them up perfectly in one short but ‘sweet’ tweet:


And all of it’s true.

A pro-abort will do anything they can to keep from discussing what an abortion really is or how it works. They’d much rather pretend this is somehow about women’s rights than killing an innocent human being out of convenience.

You’d think.

But it is Democrats we’re talking about here.

Just when you think they can’t go lower they somehow manage to find a way.

Not a bad idea.

Someone should write a bill …


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